Senate Votes 99-1 to Up Fines for "Indecent" Broadcasts

Is this a joke? Isn’t this supposed to be “free speech” America? Why doesn’t the Senate just save us all the trouble and spit directly on the Constitution? Literally.

Michael Powell needs to go. The vast majority of our corporate-bought representatives need to go. This administration needs to go. This country is slowly turning into a Soviet-esque controlling state where the government tells us what to watch, listen to, and even what to think. What is “indecent?” Is Janet’s boobie really indecent? Who decides? Joe Lieberman? John Ashcroft? These horrible, troll-like little men don’t represent me or my values.

And they get away with it “for the sake of the children.” I’m sick of this country’s cult of child where I, a childless person, have to suffer because you can’t control what little Johnny and Susie do. Newsflash. I don’t care about your kids. If you would actually engage with your children, you would know what they were watching and listening to. “But what about when I’m not around?” you cry. “What if Little Bobby accidentally sees a boobie on TV? His little world would shatter, and his very existence would be threatened!” Lemme tell you something; if you actually instilled morals and ethics in your kids (instead of leaving them at the sitter while you enjoy your Sex in the City martinis at nightclubs weekend after weekend), then they will begin to discern right from wrong. You can use these boobies and wing wangs and whatever as learning tools to teach them about the world and about values. Because guess what? They’re going to grow up in this world, and overprotecting them isn’t doing anyone a favor, expecially your children. And they aren’t the delicate flowers you imagine. When they fall down and go boom, they usually can get up again.