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Today, we have the the historic debate regarding the outcome of the Ohio votes. I’ll make like TV Guide and say Cheers to my senator, Ms. Boxer for challenging the electors from the state of Ohio. Jeers to the mainstream media for not airing the debates. People had to go to CSpan. I guess Robert Blake’s trial or whatever garbage was more important.

Then, we have Alberto Gonzales’s testimony, in which he basically said that the president can just decide, THEORETICALLY of course, not to follow the country’s laws. And hey, it really depends on what the definition of TORTURE is. Or something. However, I have to mention a YTOWN ALERT during the testimony. Senator Durbin mentioned the Supreme Court case Youngstown Sheet and Tube v. Sawyer when interrogating Gonzales. Sad to say, I had never heard of this case even though I’m from Youngstown. Mr. Pallante, I should have learned that in Honors American History. For shame.

Then, we have the fond (or not-so-fond) farewell of our favorite bow-tie-wearing freak Tucker Carlson, who will be leaving CNN (Crossfire goes bye-bye too, much to the delight of Jon Stewart). I hate his smug manboy face, and I wish he were leaving my TV forever, but it looks like he’s going to MSNBC. Thank God I don’t watch that network.

Seven troops died today. Mission accomplished?


6 thoughts on “Today in the news

  1. Anonymous says:

    Boxer isn’t challenging the election, but the election process. Barb thinks we need some election reform. She is not protesting with the hopes that the election results should be changed. Are you shocked that any debate other than the presidential can’t make mainstream media? Regardless of how stimulating and thought-provoking the debates might be, the format is boring. BORING.

    hey least they made cspan1 and not cspan2?

    Now that you mention it, when was the last time robert blake did something “important” other than murder his wife? 30 years ago?

    why is the president responsible for the insuboridnate soldiers who tortured some iraqis? Or did i miss the part when bush ordered those actions?

    Nice Blog,

  2. Christine says:


    Yes, I know that that was the intent, to highlight election reform. Bravo, I say.

    Also, there’s that famous memo that stated that the president can ignore the Geneva Convention, etc. And then there’s Rummy’s view on torture. It doesn’t look too good for the administration. Basically, it *doesn’t* look like a few soldiers that were jerks; it looks like something that was condoned or at the very least ignored.

    PS. I *like* debates. I guess I’m a freak. 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    not in defense of the administration, but it is a bitch to fight a war against an enemy that does not even know what geneva is. . .

    I do not believe you are the typical debate loving american.

  4. Christine says:

    Depends on what you think the purpose of the news stations should be… to inform or to get ratings.

    That’s why it’s silly to say liberals are in charge of everything. No, CORPORATIONS rule the US, and their bottom line is profit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know about Youngstown Sheet & Tube v. Sawyer until I went to law school–and my grandfather worked there! So don’t blame your old history teacher.


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