Oh, you suck Armstrong Williams

What we have here is a so-called journalist, the supposed watchdog of the government, taking money from the administration ($240,000) to promote the horrendous and ironically named No Child Left Behind Act. Not only is this illegal propaganda, but it is a tremendous breach of trust between a journalist and the public he is supposed to serve.

Some say (message board apologists) he’s merely a “pundit,” as if that excuses his actions. Unfortunately, the mainstream media blends the two together to the point where it is difficult, if not outright impossible (think Fox News), for the public to discern between the two. Regardless, the taking of the money was unethical. His opinion, as a pundit, should be informed by facts; instead, it was tainted by money. And he never informed his viewers that he was bought and was, in effect, an infomercial for NCLB.

Armstrong Williams, you make me sick. For shame.

As for the administration, they should be held accountable and severely censured. These public funds were given to a political commentator covertly who in turn shouted to the skies that NCLB was good, good, good! The climate of “we can do whatever we want” in DC has got to stop. Wake up people! It’s our government, and they are lying to us.

What really gets me are the people who say things like, “The Dems would do it too!” or “Well, you liberals must be happy.” No, no, a thousand times no. That’s what you don’t get. It’s not some sort of contest; we don’t want the Bush administration to be a complete failure (and criminal). If he were doing a good job, if he weren’t continually screwing over the American public, no one would have anything to say (well, anything that would hold water). But the fact is, we don’t dislike him because he’s conservative; we dislike him because he’s a bad president who is hurting the American people left and right.

He fabricates, and people make excuses or say that Bill Clinton sucked too (stupidest non-sequitor EVER). You like that he lies? Or do you think it’s OK? Or are you so busy getting caught up in your weird liberal vs. conservative war that you forget what’s really important? That this country is going to hell in a handbasket that you’re helping to weave.

It’s not a football game. Just cuz the guy is on “your side” (sigh) doesn’t make him right or good for the country. And just because someone criticizes him doesn’t mean that they do so simply because they “hate him” or “hate conservatives.” It’s because he’s an elitist dissembler who puts the needs of corporations above the needs of the people he’s supposed to serve.

[Here’s another article from today , which is reporting that the office of the drug czar illegally spent $155,000 on propaganda. Shut down this lame duck office. The ridiculously named War on Drugs is over, and you lost. Stop wasting tax payer’s money, and spend it on funding the NCLB act. Hey…!]


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  1. Anonymous says:

    “It’s because he’s an elitist dissembler who puts the needs of corporations above the needs of the people he’s supposed to serve.”

    what if i happen to pay my mortage with a paycheck from a corporation. Is that so wrong?

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