The French Kicks @ The Troubador… now with more parentheses

Fantastic, fabulous, and I’m sure some other F-words, don’t begin to describe the amazing show the French
put on last night at The Troubador. Though it was their last performance of the tour, the band was fresh as a masher. Lead singer Nick Stumpf (two words: Me and Ow) sang spot on like the album (so smooth); the backing vocals were incredible; and the music was pretty close to perfect. Despite Joe saying the sound “sucked” (Joe always says the sound sucks), I thought they sounded sensational. And did I mention Nick Stumpf? Oh I did? Sorry.

This was not the first time Joe and I had seen the Kicks (can I call them that?). We sa
w them over a year ago at Laga in Pittsburgh when they were touring with Hot Hot Heat (who also puts on a great show). At the time, I had One Time Bells, but it wasn’t in heavy rotation (unlike Pat Boone; that man can WAIL). But after seeing them live, I was like, “Why is this CD not in my crappy CD player ALL THE TIME?!” I impatiently awaited their followup, and it did not disappoint, my friends. The Trial of the Century is even better, more uniform, more transcendnt (someone’s been visiting And apparently, others agree, because this time around they were headlining their own tour, and the Troubador was sold out.

Unfortunately, their increasing popularity brought me some pain as well. The bar was fairly packed, and for some karmic reason, the two tallest guys in the whole place were standing in front of me. The one guy kept pumping his fist like he was watching Slayer, and I just kept praying no one thought I was with him. The other guy had a giant head, and… let’s just say that if your breath is so bad as to be detected when your mouth is closed, you have a problem. But despite the discomforts (and let’s face it, I was only about three-deep back from the stage, and I did find a visible area between fist-pumper and big head, and I was within two feet of Nick Stumpf), I can truly say it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. And I’ve seen New Kids on the Block, people. A+++