CSI’s propaganda

CSI is one of those shows that I can’t miss each week. So I was really annoyed by some gratuitous “new momism” propaganda that appeared on the last episode.

Scene: Warrick and Catherine, two CSI agents, attend to a murder scene where an entire family was viciously killed. Surveying the numerous pictures of the kid on the wall, Warrick remarked (paraphrased): “This family seemed to revolved around the kid.” And Catherine responded, “That’s the way it should be.”

THAT’S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE? I’m used to the show being judgmental and preachy about drugs, sex, etc., but about the family structure? And this coming from Catherine, who works long hours and obviously has a healthy social life? It was totally out of character and obviously written by someone who buys into this cult of the child that has been pushed on us all since about the 80s.

Enough with the completely absurd, ridiculous preaching, guys. Just solve murders, mmkay? If I want to hear about “family values,” I’ll call up Tom Delay. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!


3 thoughts on “CSI’s propaganda

  1. Tim says:

    let me guess, you don’t want to ever get married and you also do not want to ever have children. I’d bet a weeks paycheck that you have a medical condition that prevents you from having children.

    Like the fat and/or nerdy kids that were always the last one picked for the sports team at recess who then learn to hate jocks and all sports.

    Even if it was out of character, is there anything so wrong with one tiny comment about family?

  2. Christine says:

    A whole week’s paycheck!!! Wow, with your obvious education and class, you must make a boatload of money. I can’t wait.

    There is a problem with the statement by her character. Out culture has become entirely too focused on “Mommies.” Dads don’t have the same expectations placed upon them. The mother gets her identity in society through her children; she is a MOTHER first, not a person, which is ludicrous. And “offhand” statements such as those made by Catherine only perpetuate this.

    As discussed in The Mommy Myth, the “celebrity mom” profile is a perfect example of this. Julia Roberts, etc. all talk about how wonderful and perfect it is to be a mother, never acknowledging any of the hardships (of course, they also have a full-time staff, so that don’t hurt). They also say things like, “I’d give it all up just to be a mother!” Yet, curiously, you don’t see Julia stop making movies. It’s just a ridiculous stereotype, and it hurts everyday mothers who feel overwhelmed, who sometimes want to kill their kids, who want to have an identity outside being someone’s “Mama.”

    Does that answer your question, Tim? Or do you want to continue being incredibly rude?

  3. Marc (too lazy to login) says:

    ot that i care, but did catherine from CSI mention anything about a mother? or just the family?

    The only show on tv that matters right now is “The Office” (Staring your boy from the Daily Show)

    now that is good tv.

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