Response to a "Mean" Query

But you love Judge Judy and Simon Cowell and their careers are based on their meaness.
I guess one could say at least they’re talented, mean people.

That’s an interesting point. However, I have to disagree that Judge Judy is mean. I don’t think she’s “mean;” I just think she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. I want to be Judge Judy when I’m an old lady.

Simon Cowell, on the other hand, can be mean. I enjoy him when he’s honest, and I usually dislike when he’s gratuitously nasty. But I’d be a liar if I said that I didn’t sometimes laugh my patooch off when he turns his biting wit on some unsuspecting audtioner (like when he said that weird looking guy looked like a bush baby–he totally does!). I even admit that I, too, can be a bit of a jerk when making jokes.

I guess my point in this rambling, semi-coherent missive is that people should strive to be less mean, instead of reveling in it.