Vampire Weekend

This past Thursday, I attended the amazingly awesome Vampire Weekend concert at the El Rey Theater.

I was also massively sweated upon.

Yacht, an electronic duo from Portland, Oregon, opened with an, um, audience participation-tinged set. Whose participation? Well, mine, of course. The lead singer, fond of leaving the stage to sing, backed up right into me and flung salty droplets of boy-sweat all over me. I’m washing my white sweater now as I type.

So, yeah, I pretty much hate Yacht. They kind of sucked anyway. (“You can live in a smaaaallll town. You can live on the beaccccchhhh.” for 10 minutes straight is not my idea of a good time.)

Vampire Weekend, on the other hand, was aaaawwwwwesome. Despite the stupid backlash already starting (dang, Steven Mirkin has a chip on his shoulder), the group is just superb. So catchy. It’s conglomeration of pop and Afro beats is a light, fresh addition to the indie rock landscape. The buzz is totally earned. And judging by the rousing applause of the sold out crowd, I’m betting there are plenty of others who agree. A+