I dislike Tyra Banks

Perhaps “dislike” is too mild of a word.

I freakin’ loathe the chick.

But this post isn’t really about that. I just put Tyra’s name in the post’s title because I imagine her scouring the internet, making sure her name is front and center when anything about America’s Next Top Model is written. And if it’s not?

“Body image” is Tyra’s personal campaign. In fact, she made that clear to Senator Clinton:
So, it was no shock that plus-sized Whitney won this cycle of ANTM. (Let’s face it, the show is always rigged.) Yes, poor Whitney bemoaned the taunts of schoolmates for her being “juicy” or having a “booty.” (Of course, she could call her fellow contestants “toothpicks” because body acceptance doesn’t extend to the very thin.) But here’s the thing. Rumour has it that she wasn’t always the full-figured gal she was on the show. Then, these pictures appeared.

Whitney claims “Photoshop,” but I just see “thin girl.” I don’t really care if she gained weight to be the “plus-sized” model on the show. (I cared more that she had her mouth open in every single photo.) I just find it gross that she would give this sob story about being ridiculed when it’s obvious that the girl in those pictures was not mocked for being overweight.