No one is going to slime you, I promise

What’s the big deal about saying “I don’t know?”

If I inquire about something to someone in charge, I expect an accurate answer. “Yes” or “No” when one doesn’t really know is just the lazy person’s way out.

I’d much prefer the honest answer so I’m not left holding the bag, so to speak.


4 thoughts on “No one is going to slime you, I promise

  1. joshwinc says:

    I seriously cannot even begin to estimate, even to an approximation, the amount of times, in any given situation, i’ve replied to a question with “I don’t know.” Seriously crap-loads. To me the phrase has so much more meaning than merely the lack of knowledge, it’s like a secret password that gets me out of situations I’d rather not be in, not just due to laziness (though a fair usage of the phrase can be attributed personal apathy).

  2. That’s what I’m saying! I’d much rather hear “I don’t know” than “Yes” when the person doesn’t actually know the answer.

    I’m being somewhat cryptic because this is based on a real event.

  3. joshwinc says:

    I know what you mean, it totally annoys me when someone feels like they have to “know” everything and always have an answer for every question they’re asked. But when someone says “I don’t know” most of the time they’re really saying “I’m too lazy to care” or “I’m too stupid to know anything” so people try to avoid that pharse, especially in the work environment. Not I.

  4. How about, “I don’t know. Why don’t I find out for you?” or at least “Here’s where you can get the information.”

    When he/she gives out misinformation, it just screws *me* up. 🙂

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