Stage Mothers

Today, I went to a casting for a print job. I was going for “Mom,” which I always seem to be the youngest person in the room (or youngest looking, anyway). They were also casting kids at the same time, which is always a study in the Stage Mother.

As the kids whine, roll around, and cry, the mothers scold, plead, and attempt to distract. It never really works. Today, the kid sitting next to me kept whining about the wait (I hear you, brother), and the mother finally hissed, “If you don’t stop whining, we’re leaving.” What was the kid’s response? “I want to leave.” Mommy ignored that bit of honesty.

Look, the “INDUSTRY” is a hideous mistress. The rejection, the focus on appearance, the boredom (“hurry up and wait” is not just a clever phrase) are things no kid should have to deal with. And it’s apparent that no 4-year-old would choose to be an actor/model. It’s the parents who push their listless, restless kids into the audition circuit. Come on, parents! Just let the kids play ball or something.