Once again, I am dying

My TMJ is acting up again. Since yesterday, exacerbated by a drive through the Malibu mountains, it has been screaming with pain. My neck has been hurting; there’s fullness in my ear; and I’ve just about had it. Ice packs, heating pads, analgesics, massage, stretches, binaural beats: all have been applied for naught. I’m feeling sick and at the end of my rope. This is pure misery.

On top of that, I have some very weird red mark under my nose. It looks like a brush burn, but I haven’t hurt myself (that I can recall; you’d be surprised).

I’m hot. I’m grumpy. I just want to feel better. Suck it, myofascial pain… or whatever the heck this is.


2 thoughts on “Once again, I am dying

  1. Stacy says:

    Hi there,
    I saw your post on TMJ problems and just wanted to offer my support. I’ve definitely been there and understand where you are coming from. If there is anything I can do, questions I can answer, etc please let me know. I hope you feel better!!!!

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