Our Neon Tour

Joe’s niece M came to visit recently, and we headed out on a nighttime neon tour of Los Angeles, sponsored by the Museum of Neon Art.

Joe, M, and I on the tour bus

It was an educational, fun cruise around parts of LA that one usually doesn’t pay that much attention to (skid row, for one); however, 16-year-olds might not agree with that assessment.

The neon cruise also had stops in Chinatown, where they recently relit the neon in the main gateway.

Chinatown main gateway

They also recently relit the neon on the tops of all the pointed roofs.

The roofs, the roofs, the roofs are on fire

I did get a decent picture of the dragons of Chinatown. Eric the tour guide’s megaphone got in the way, though.

Chinatown dragons

We also took a respite at the legendary Canter’s deli, which has good neon and bad food.

Joe in front of Canter's deli

Then, it was back on the bus to take Wilshire back to downtown LA and the museum.

M and the tour bus

All in all, we saw downtown (including Broadway), the Rampart district, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Hancock Park. Of course, most of my pictures were blurry messes, so I made excellent (ha!) photoshop art with them. Enjoy!

Disney Concert Hall:
Disney Concert Hall

Downtown nighttime street:
Downtown nighttime street

Some old Spanish-style church:
Some old Spanish-style church


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