Previously Secret Torture Memo Released… Yay!

Is waterboarding really torture? I mean, I went through a similar experience when learning to surf, and I chose that.

There comes a point where you know that no one in the administration will be held accountable for his/her offenses: lying about the war, authorizing torture (just this once), and (oh yeah) ignoring warnings of an imminent attack on U.S. soil. And those are just the criminal offenses. Let’s not forget the incompetence.

So you read articles like this, and you feel the familiar outrage start to bubble up. But you can’t really get outraged anymore because you aren’t surprised. You expect it now. And you know nothing will be done about it.

Oh, they’ll be hearings and speeches and faux anger, but in the end, it will be business as usual for the corporate puppets of Congress. They’ll hush it up and move on to more important things, like giving the oil companies another tax break.

And all the American people can do is sit back, helpless, and read article after article about how their country is being turned into a parody.