To our mayor, Mayor Villaraigosa

As a tax-paying citizen of this great city of Los Ang-a-leez, I am writing you today in a state of abject fear. I can no longer drive the streets at night without my very existence flashing before my eyes. Instead, I am forced to stay at home, a shut-in, afraid to enjoy the city I had once wandered so carefreely. Won’t you please save your fellow Los Ang-a-leezians from the scourge of drunken celebrities who recklessly, joyously, terrorize us all with their hot rod machines of death? Please! Think of the children, and rescue us!


2 thoughts on “To our mayor, Mayor Villaraigosa

  1. froggylove says:

    Oh please! He doesnt have enough time to deal with our fine city. He is too busy flying all over the place, and rubbing elbows with Obama. He is too busy NOT dealing with illegal aliens. And trying to run for Gov. You will find no help from our Mayor.

  2. Actually, what I’d love for him to do is something about the HORRIFIC traffic problem. It shouldn’t take me over an hour to go from the 101 interchange to the Wilshire Blvd. exit.

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