Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless

I can’t get health insurance. If you read this blog even semi-regularly, you’d know that. I currently pay $475+ for COBRA.

The problem is is that I now know the drill. It seems that no matter how crappy the coverage, they ask the same questions on the application.

In the last ten years, have you had any of the following? What date did you start treatment? What date did you end treatment? What was the treatment? What percentage have you recovered?

Are you kidding me? Am I supposed to remember the details of sinusitis that I had 10 years ago? Am I supposed to quantify what percentage “recovered” I am from my GERD? My allergies? Should I have kept a record of all the prescription medicine that I received in the last two years… cuz I didn’t. But they want all this information, and woe to you if you screw up because they can retroactively cancel your coverage. Yep, and then you have to pay them back.

The kicker is that they want to know if you’ve already been denied coverage. Well, of course I have. Because I’ve actually been to the doctor in the past ten years! I’m actually on prescription medication right now. I actually have been sick and injured through no fault of my own. The sad thing is, is that I’m a healthy [age redacted]-year-old, and I can’t get health insurance. Yay for the private sector!

So I go to fill out the applications, and it’s just so fruitless. I’ve started and stopped twice in the past two days. It’s so dumb because I don’t know how to answer their questions, and I know I’ll be denied regardless. So for now, it’s $475/month for sucky coverage. I just paid $50 for ear drops on Thursday. Thank God for health insurance. Whatever would I do without it?

8 thoughts on “Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless

  1. Well it sounds like you’re looking for fulltime health coverage from a short term insurance agent (COBRA). Of course COBRA is going to be very picky and expensive.

    It’s like moving to mexico and buying the tourist day by day car insurance. Ironically you are complaining about the privatized health insurance yet you are applying to a government health plan (COBRA).

    Try out the private sector a little more and see what you find…..

  2. Huh? You don’t *apply* to COBRA; it is guaranteed. It was supposed to be short term from my last job. I can’t get OFF COBRA because no private insurance company will take me. And it is up 9/1/08, so then I go to a HIPAA plan. If it wasn’t for the government, I would have NO insurance at all. That’s the point.

    Got it? I want to get off expensive COBRA, but I can’t because private health insurance companies have ridiculous policies. I was denied the first time because I was on Prilosec. I was being sarcastic when I said that I hadn’t tried any health insurance companies. If you read my post, you can see that I was complaining because I had tried some and have been denied.

  3. Hmmm so you’re so sick that no private health care company would insure you? What’s this bubonic plague that makes you so un-insurable? I know it’s not sinusitis or GERD – or are we supposed to believe that is what the issue is? a stuffy nose and an upset stomach?

  4. I’m not so sick. I’ve been sick in the past but not so sick that I shouldn’t be covered now. I don’t care if *you* don’t believe me, Ma–, I mean, Will. It’s the truth.

  5. then ya – i’m in full agreement that it’s ridiculous that you can’t find coverage anywhere for less than 450 bucks a month. I never said you were lying ma’am, you just gave me the impression that due to your sinusitis, gerd and allergies you couldn’t get any short term coverage…..

    have you tried mon-a-vie? teh heh heh heh only 45 bucks a bottle!

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