This is a great little attack ad…


7 thoughts on “This is a great little attack ad…

  1. jim says:

    Obama a radical liberal through and through with zerooooooooo experience and your touting this ad? LOL Have you thought about a career in comedy?

  2. Will says:

    Is ralph nader running again? If not i’ll write him in. Both of these candidate terrify me. Did you happen to catch this little nugget from Hillary tonight at the convention:

    “make our government an institution of the public goods, not of private plunder.”

    That sounds like communism.

    Last time i checked communism failed.

  3. Obama isn’t a radical liberal. I am.

    And he doesn’t have zeroooooooo experience. Of course, I could ask you, experience with what, exactly? But memes are fun. Carry on with your parroting.

  4. To suggest that Hillary Clinton is a communist is disingenuous. I didn’t see the speech, but the woman is a centrist with slight left leanings. Surely, you’re not meaning to suggest that Clinton is advocating turning private property over to the state. Come on. And Ralph Nader is much more liberal than her.

  5. Marc says:

    Not only are you a radical liberal, but you’re also awesome. Maybe even wonderful too.

    Nader, Obama, Clinton, Biden, even McCain they all practice populist politics, promising Eden but not revealing the fine print or cost.

  6. Marc says:

    Congrats on getting the ring christine – and also welcome to my network! (even if it was an accident!)

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