Decisions, decisions

When you live far, far away from your family and most of your friends, it’s difficult to select a wedding location. We’ve narrowed it down to three places but are having a hard time deciding.

Obviously, Joe and I live in Los Angeles, and it would be easier to be “hands-on” here with the planning. Of course, most people would have to travel and get a hotel, which would most likely limit the number of guests who would actually show up. I do love the beauty of the outdoors here, but my guess it would be much more expensive than midwester locales.

Another choice is Pittsburgh. It is closer to family and friends and would guarantee a larger guest list. It’s also cheaper. On the flip side, it’s far from us, and it would be a bit of a pain to plan it.

The final choice is a destination wedding, specifically Caribbean. The downside is a lack of control over the wedding and its specifics. It would also severely limit the number of people who could attend (which is, in a way, an advantage). The upside? Do I even have to spell that out for you?

I’m honestly not sure which way we’re leaning. It’s frustrating!