You may have known him for 35 years, John…

But you obviously haven’t talked to him in the last 11 days.
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ABC News’ Rachel Martin Reports: Former U.S.Secretary of State Henry Kissinger today told an audience in Washington, DC that the U.S. should negotiate with Iran “without conditions” and that the next President should begin such negotiations at a high level.

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5 thoughts on “You may have known him for 35 years, John…

  1. Will says:

    So we now know that McCain laughs when he’s angry and Obama grits his teeth and scowls. Wonder how other independents thought about McCain laughing outloud at some of Obama’s comments;

    My only complaint is that Obama didn’t refute many of McCains direct attacks on Obama’s spending record. Otherwise I thought Obama came out as the clear winner.

    Although I didn’t care for obama’s statement that he didnt’ want to take a hatchet to spending, he just wanted to take a scalpel to it. I think we all agree that bush’s spending needs to have a chainsaw taken to it.

  2. Nicole (sister) says:

    I swa McCain’s jaw grind a few times when Obama started talking about taxes. And Obama did laugh at a few things as well. But all in all I wish it would have been a little bit more heated. I do think Obama made his economic policy a lot clearer than McCain (who never really answered the question in my eyes). Plus, I was getting annoyed at McCain talking about everywhere he’s been. He’s 72… I would be surprised as a Senator if he hadn’t been to a lot of places. But does visiting a country really make you an expert about its policies and government? But he does have a bracelet….

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