“Gettin’ under the skiiiiin, ha, ha.”

If you say it, then it’s true?

Let’s look at what the annoyances on this Fox and Friends video claim:

1. You can’t hate a woman if you’re a woman.
2. Sarah Palin is disliked only by elitists from big cities, especially New York.
3. Sarah Palin couldn’t ruin anyone’s life, even though, if elected, she’d be in line to be President of the United States.
4. It’s absurd to have anxiety over someone who could possibly rule the entire country.

I have to hand it to these pundits on Fox and Friends; they’ve got condescension down to a science.


3 thoughts on ““Gettin’ under the skiiiiin, ha, ha.”

  1. Will says:

    Some people do seem to take their hatred for someone with different ideological views too far. Whatever happened to “Agree to Disagree?”

    Such passion is a wasted passion in my view.

  2. “Agree to disagree” goes out the window when the sake of the nation is involved.

    People get passionate when they feel threatened. I don’t think that’s wasted necessarily because it mobilizes people.

    Do I hate the woman? No. That’s preposterous; she has done nothing that inspires such vitriol in me. Do I think she’s a good person in terms of my personal definition? Probably not; then again, I don’t know her personally (but I can’t reconcile a person who signs off on rape kit payments with a “good person”). Do I think she’s qualified by any means (intelligence, experience, education)? Absolutely not. If she were to become president, would I be upset? Understatement.

    I don’t hate her. I find her amusing and absurd. But it will stop be funny if she is elected VP.

    Of course, that wasn’t the point of my post. Your comment was a total straw man. However, I answered it for grins and wiggles.

  3. Will says:

    My point was not strawman as it was not meant to misrepresent anything, it was just me piggybacking on your point. I didn’t defend anything that that foxnews skank said.

    I think that with palin we are seeing a new level of hatred that I can’t remember seeing in my 37 years in america. More of the Palin attacks are personal and not on her experience where they should be.

    My response is “really? you care that much about the losing VP candidate?, that can’t be good for your blood pressure!”

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