I wake up to see…

That Prop 8 passed. For no good reason.

California’s opposing sides together raised about $70 million, much of it from out of state, to wage their campaigns.

How Californians could let out-of-state hate mongers affect this race is sickening.

Time to take the fight to the federal government.


One thought on “I wake up to see…

  1. Will says:

    The GLBT will continue to get enough signatures to get a same-sex proposition on the ballot every 2 years, and every 2 years it’ll probably lose. (although this year it was much closer than the last proposition -62% for prop 22)

    Sales Tax in Los Angeles is going to be up to nearly 9% and the State will be trying hard to sell billions of dollars in Bonds in the coming year.

    CA will declare bankruptcy by 2011 – if not much sooner. Time to move to Oregon?

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