Madonna @ Dodger Stadium

Love Madonna, or hate Madonna, you cannot deny Madonna. She is an institution, an icon, and one heck of a performer. So after growing up wearing jelly bracelets and singing “Like a Prayer,” I was more than excited to see Madge for the first time in concert last night at Dodger Stadium.

Just to give you an idea of how good our seats were, here were some of the people we sat by:

Debi Mazar
Rick Rubin
Donald Sutherland
Drew Barrymore
Lucy Liu
Heidi Klum
and sitting directly in front of me: Fergie (with Taboo from Black-Eyed Peas). She danced with Lily’s friend Jamal.

We had seats in the 18th row but were really closer to 10th row because the stage was shaped like a T. Later in the concert, at Madonna’s urging, we moved up, and I was 2-people deep from the Material One. Tres awesome.

The show itself? Three words: A. Maz. Ing. The setlist was a superlative mix of old hits (re-imagined and rocked up) and new songs coupled with lasers, lights, dancers, and visionary costumes. She sang the audience request of “Dress You Up.” Heck, Madonna even made out with herself… as full well she should because at 50, that woman danced, danced, danced, her well muscled butt off.

A++, Best concert I’ve ever been to.


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