Lily’s Legal

My darling Lilliputian (so apt!) turned 21 on November 11, and so we are celebrating her birthday this weekend at a chi-chi Hollywood club.

Which puts me into terrors, of course. I always have a nightmare that I won’t be let in because I don’t pass the hotness muster.

So, I bought a new dress at White House|Black Market, the mall store with the vaguely racist (I mean, why do we have to look at things in terms of black and white? WHY?!) and incredibly odd name. I met a wonderful French woman there who promised me tips for a future Paris trip. I’ve just been making new friends left and right. It’s the spirit of Obama coming to fruition.

But that’s neither here nor there. After the most awesome Madonna concert ever,

Lily and me posing in front of Fergie

Lily and me posing in front of Fergie

I am in the mood for more celebrity sightings. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone cool will be at the club… at 8:30 p.m.


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