Sometimes, you just have a crummy day

I’m sitting in Coffee Bean, unshowered, wearing dirty clothes, with my hair clipped in a messy updo. I feel like Britney Spears.

So, why am I at Coffee Bean? Maybe because the world works in mysterious ways. Very specific mysterious ways in which I get totally screwed. I started my work-at-home job last week, and last night, my internet goes down. For the first time ever. If I weren’t an atheist, I’d swear that God was punishing me for some unknown transgression. Maybe I didn’t take the trash out or something.

To top it off, my lower back hurts like the dickens and my supposedly indestructible (and most definitely expensive) Targus laptop bag broke as I was walking out my apartment door. So, I can’t even brace my back by grabbing the plastic handle. And these Coffee Bean chairs are not ergonomic. They’re not even ergo.

Let’s see, what else? Joe is mad at me. My ebay commercial is obvs NEVER going to air. And I have to listen to some really horrible jazzy music. I’m going home.


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