I did a press tour – sort of.

After I won on a certain game show (best. life. EVER.), I was asked by the production company to do a series of radio interviews for morning shows across the country. Even though it entailed waking up at an ungodly hour, I jumped at the chance to spout witticisms to my adoring fans (ahem) all over the nation.

Most interviews were similar: How much did you win? What was your winning question? Does anyone recognize you? One interview, however, took on a sliiiiightly different tone.

It was a station in like, Montana or something, and the DJ began the interview with this gem: “Christine, I Googled your name, and I found your blog.”

I was on the radio, but I swear the audience could still see my red face. The DJ went on to say that I’ve been having a bad time, and that I was struggling, and that I was having trouble in my acting class (it was a bad week, OK?), and all I could do was muster up an eloquent, “Uh, yeah.”

First time my blog ever caused me major embarrassment. Something tells me it won’t be the last.


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