10 Sites You Have to Check Every Day

I’m always late to a party.

In September, PC Magazine posted the article 10 Sites You Have to Check Every Day. Now, anyone who knows me knows… I buck authority, man. Don’t tell me what to do. I don’t have to check any sites. But the article did get me thinking. What are the 10 sites that Christine checks everyday?

10. Screwball City: The site doesn’t technically exist yet, but it’s coming soon. And I’m there every doggone day to see how it’s coming along.

9. Momversation: I kind of work here, so I sort of have to be on it, duh. Luckily, it’s also an awesome site.

8. Gmail: It’s my mail, baby.

7. WordPress: It’s my blog, baby.

6. FourFour: An obligatory blog. I picked Rob’s because I go there a lot, but my preferences jump around quite a bit. This slot could change in a month. Maybe with Michael Ian Black’s blog.

5. Oh No They Didn’t: The best celeb gossip on the net. Not that I’m into gossip or anything.

4. Fark: This used to be my #1 go-to, but it’s dropped off in recent months. It’s my favorite site aggregator.

3. CNN.com: Even though the news is sometimes shallow, it’s my #1 source. Though, I sometimes wish I’d go to the BBC news page more often. Dang showbiz news is too tempting!

2. Jezebel: I hated this site at first; now I’m hooked. Fun and cheeky articles.

1. Facebook: A.K.A. Virtual crack.


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