Wii Fit

I got a Wii and Wii Fit from Joe for Christmas and my birthday. I was totes stoked to try it out, so I hooked it up (or, you know, Joe hooked it up), and got started on my Wii Fit Body Test. This measures your BMI and your Wii Fit age (based upon height, weight, and a body control test).

According to Wii Fit, I’m 15 YEARS OLDER than I actually am, health-wise. That’s right. The Wii Fit said, “This means you are much weaker than you should be,” and with that, my Mii sagged like a rag doll. Yep, even technology is mocking my lack of fitness.

I then played Wii Sports and am sore like the dickens today. Sad. Sad, sad, sad.


5 thoughts on “Wii Fit

  1. Being sore is a good thing after a wii fit workout. I know from personal experience. Sounds like the holidays are going to put you right back onto that little white board, am I right? 10 lbs?!!!

    This is a video I just posted yesterday about my own Wii Fit obsession. Thought you might like.

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