Sick After Christmas or Viruses Are Creepy

I hate being sick immediately after Christmas. Instead of playing with all my new toys, I sit here fog-headed, snuffling, watching reruns of The Bad Girl’s Club (shut up). I feel like a little kid whose lollipop has been taken away.

I’ve decided that viruses are proof that God doesn’t exist. Let’s look at the facts. Viruses serve no purpose; they probably aren’t even technically alive. They are just these protein/DNA strings that replicate in a host body, many making humans deathly ill (or just plain dead). And I simply can’t picture the almighty creator as a pimple-faced script kiddie, giddy with schadenfreude, infecting millions of meat computers (a.k.a. people).

Seriously, give me an awesome argument for the existence of viruses, and I’ll see you at church next Sunday. With bells on.

(And no, “beautiful streaking in flowers” doesn’t count. [I can use Google too, you know])


3 thoughts on “Sick After Christmas or Viruses Are Creepy

  1. Shannon says:

    Being sick makes you so thankful for your health. Bad things in this world are only there to make us appriciate the good things. When you feel better you should thank God because it could always be worse, LOL!!

  2. Off the top of my head…
    1. Viruses are exceptionally useful in biomedical research.
    2. Maybe viruses are like crowd control. Before the advent of modern medicine, they were a nice easy way to keep the numbers down.

    There is probably a really good answer out there. I’ll have to think a little more.

  3. Eh, crowd control. Bacterial infections could have done the trick, right?
    I know scientists are studying the replicating facts. As for research, well, if there wasn’t anything to make us sick, would we need biomedical research? LOL. I just am grumpy about being sick.

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