Worst Bridal Boutique – Gallippo’s

My mother, sister, and I have been having the absolute worst time finding bridesmaid’s dresses. I want a chocolate brown, full-length, empire-waist dress made of chiffon. I liked the one at David’s Bridal… until I found out the beading was a gold-green, heavy on the green. Clash much?

But one bridal boutique stood out as the worst: Gallippo’s in Toledo, OH. Over Christmas break, we girls went to the bridal shop because they supposedly carried gowns from the Dessy Group. There were a few that I wanted to check out, and I wanted my sister (the maid-of-honor) to try them on.

It was freezing, and we had already had awful service from David’s Bridal (Pat, you suck!). So, I was hoping that Gallippo’s service would be at least marginally better. Alas, it was not to be. A sign greets you at the door informing you that they are not a “try on for internet customers” shop; in fact, you have to pay $25 to have the privilege to try on one of their gowns. That’s right. TWENTY FIVE BUCKS TO TRY ON A DRESS. Hmm… perhaps they are losing customers to the internet not because of pricing but because they suck.

Needless to say, I felt a bit deflated walking around the store. I knew I wasn’t going to pay them to have Nicole try on any dresses. So, what was the point of being there? I didn’t even care to ask them if they ordered gowns because I didn’t want to patronize a store that was, quite frankly, full of giant douches. So, we left empty-handed.

Cut to this past Saturday. My mom and sister decide to give Gallippo’s Bridal Boutique another shot. When my mother asked if they’d order the After Six dress I was interested in, she was told that they only ordered dresses “for customers.” Well, what was my mother, canned spam? And when my mother didn’t like any of the grandma-esque mother-of-the-bride gowns they showed her, she was abandoned by the sales clerk. They were rude, dismissive, and unhelpful … you know, perfect for retail. Except not.

My advice, people of Toledo, OH, is to avoid Gallippo’s Bridal Boutique like the plague. It had the worst salespeople I’ve dealt with in a long time. F–


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  1. Have you looked at J.Crew for bridesmaid dresses? That’s where I got mine and I was really happy with them. I just looked them up online and they have a lot in brown. I don’t know how much of the bridal stuff they carry in their stores, but it might be worth a shot.

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