Bad Jobs: Tutor For a Week

This past fall, I was looking for a job, one with flexible hours. I saw an ad for tutors on Craigslist. “I like to tute,” I thought. So, I applied.

The company was XYZ Tutors, and they needed a ton of tutors for their government contract. They paid well below what a private tutor makes, but the money wasn’t too bad. Plus, I’d be working with underprivileged kids while getting tutoring experience. So, when they called, I decided to go in for the orientation. In other words, I got the job after a very brief interview. That probably should have tipped me off that this wasn’t the most organized of operations. Nor were they too discerning. Or picky.

The orientation was mandatory… and unpaid. At the orientation, we had to be fingerprinted, which cost nearly $100. Then, we found out that we would not be reimbursed for any time spent filling out the loads of paperwork or the paper and ink that we would need to print out all of the learning materials we had to use. We wouldn’t be paid for the time needed to contact our students. We also wouldn’t be paid for travel time or mileage. Suddenly, the “decent” hourly wage was looking less and less decent.

The kicker was the company simply didn’t (and couldn’t) respond to tutors in a timely manner. I had to fight to find out my tutees’ information. And it was difficult to get the parents to respond. My decision to quit came after I received a mass email apologizing for the lack of timely payments. Turns out, people simply were not getting paychecks.

Moral of the story? Don’t work for a company that bites off more than it can chew.