Use Your Words

Talk about needing couple’s therapy:

In the past, I’ve experienced both sides of this. The same weekend that Rihanna was attacked, I was experiencing both sides at once. I got in a huge, retarded fight with my fiancé—that he started—and in a few hours, molehills evolved into mountains. He said horrible things in what felt like an attempt to destroy me. My anger, stubborn nature, and refusal to be broken caused me to want to break something of his. After he left, and refused to speak to me, I neeed to do something to communicate how unfair he was being. So I took his electric guitar that he left at my house, put it in the tub, and proceeded to urinate on it every time I had to pee over the course of that night. I had my period, so it was extra destructive and stinky. The guitar, of course, is ruined.

This is what happens when someone has no idea how to effectively communicate during a relationship. Judge Judy would have a field day.