American Idol Top 13 (The Unluckiest Number)

So, Michael Jackson, eh? Dirty Diana, eh? Don’t want to see your face; you’d better disappear, eh? On to the contestants:

The Good:
Allison Iraheta: This chick is really weird, but I do love her voice. It’s not all weird and studied like Adam Douchebert.

Danny Gokey: Good Voice + Dead Wife = American Idol Superstardom.

Matt Giraud: If that was, as Simon said, a “meat-and-potatoes” performance, then call me Spud.

Michael Sarver: He was wearing the Smile of Insincerity, but he relaxed and sang well… actually better than I thought he would.

Alexis Grace: Simon said her performance wasn’t as good as she “thought it was.” Granted, it had some crap moments, but all in all, it was good. Way harsh, Simon.

The Meh
Kris Allen: Didn’t like it; didn’t love it. He’ll sit comfortably in the middle. Bringing out the wifey this early was a damaging move. He’ll be going home sooner because of it.

Scott MacIntyre: I honestly don’t think his voice is beyond mediocre. But Blindness + 70s AM Radio Hair = American Idol Superstardom.

Lil Rounds: She’s that contestant that is showered with praise that I just don’t get. I mean, her voice is OK, but it’s not breathtaking. Not seeing it.

Jasmine Murray: I dislike her and can’t wait to send her packing. Really, there’s no reason for her to be on my screen. Send her to the Disney Channel pronto.

Anoop Desai: Just like, DON’T DO BEAT IT. Great song, beyond cheesy. It’s impossible for anyone to pull it off without seeming like a weak imitator.

Jorge Nunez: I’m not sure why he picked such a dated song. It made him sound like he was auditioning for The Love Boat.

Adam Lambert: I think that it might be fun watching him live, but watching him on TV is excruciating.

Megan Joy: Rockin’ Robin? She freaking picked freaking ROCKIN’ ROBIN?

My picks for the boot… Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray.