American Idol: Top 11

Twenty minutes until Idol Mania hits the East Coast!  So, I better get started on this recap…

It was country week on American Idol.  I, like Simon, hate country week.  Though if someone had sung “Boot-Scootin’ Boogy,” I would have been over the moon.

Did anyone realize that Michael Sarver was a primo face-contortionist?  He was in full-on seizure as he mumbled, mumbled, mumbled his way through one of those pickup truck songs.   Merely OK.

Allison Iraheta should have sang her song slowly.  It sounded better when she did it for Randy “Frankenstein” Travis acapella.  Still love her, though.

Was Lil Rounds next?  I never liked her, and her rendition of Independence Day made me want to hear the origin… well, it didn’t make me want to do that… um, fast-forward the Tivo?  Awful outfit too.

Kris Allen was pretty good.  Uh.  That’s all I got.

Danny Gokey.  Okey gokey.

Someone took my suggestion and fixed Scott MacIntyre‘s hair!   And my favorite part of the night was picturing Scott falling off the stage after taking Paula’s advice to get out from behind the piano.  No one said I was a saint.

I might have to revise my opinion on Adam Lambert.  He’s so hilarious that I can’t possibly let him leave too early… just for the shear laugh factor.  He reminds me of so many calculated Angelenos trying to break into show business.

Whoever arranged Jolene for Alexis Grace did her no favors.  Yeesh.

Anoop, Anoop, Anoop is on FIRE!

Megan Joy… where’d the Corkrey go?  I hate when people on Idol who change to a **stage name**.  A bit presumptuous, no?  I love the fake coughs she got in to get the sympathy vote.  Kudos, MEGAN JOY.

Matt Giraud is the hero of every dude toiling night after night in those dueling piano bars, trying to get tips for playing covers of Piano Man.  Good job, Matt.  You are the wind beneath our wings.

My pick for elimination? Alexis Grace.


3 thoughts on “American Idol: Top 11

  1. Marc says:

    I guess you didn’t read the little story that was leaked that Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Adam Lambert and Alexis Grace would be the final four.

    Maybe i’ll watch the show now just to see if the story is true….nah. I gotta watch the Amber Show.

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