Daisy of Love

I watched the season premiere of “Daisy of Love” last week.  (I plead illness; don’t judge.)  The show applies the same successful formula that made “Flavor of Love,” “I Love New York,” “Rock of Love,” and “Real Chance of Love” big ratings hits for VH1, but it stars a less charismatic central character (is that possible?).  Regardless, is there a point to reviewing the show?  It’s same old/same old, and it’s getting, well, old.

The reason I’m writing is Daisy De La Hoya herself (or Vanessa Mossman, her real name).   I find her difficult to look at.  Her face and body have been deformed by plastic surgery to the point where she’s stretched and shiny like a poseable, bendable Barbie doll.  Her breasts, in particular, are swelled and stuck onto her chest like grapefruits; they look painful.  When I see a woman who looks like this, I think that they must be incredibly sad, and I pity them.

But that judgmental stuff above isn’t the reason why I’m writing either (I can admit when I’m being judgey).  I was genuinely perplexed by the men on the show who called her “gorgeous,” “hot,” “beautiful,” etc.  I understand that “to each his own” and all that, but with her exaggerated female features and makeup, Daisy’s appearance is reminiscent of a drag queen (and alpha men aren’t supposed to be attracted to drag queens, you see).

Then it hit me.  Daisy’s look is all about pleasing men, never mind that a lot of men wouldn’t find it attractive.  The fact that she would go to the lengths that she has to be an “attractive” plaything, a Barbie, tells men that she would do anything for them, even mutilate her body.  Her looks say, “I am malleable.  I will not challenge you.  I will bend to your will.”  To a small subset of men, this message is incredibly appealing because it allows them to remain in a  position of power (even if they do not perceive the message consciously).


2 thoughts on “Daisy of Love

  1. Steve says:

    ahhh those cologin lips….

    I think the worst are Frenchy’s.

    For the record I dont think that Daisy is attractive.

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