Three Rivers?

Apparently, CBS is airing a new drama called “Three Rivers” this fall. It has to do with organ donors and all their wacky shenanigans… or something like that.

If CBS is going to gank my family’s lives, the least they could do is cast me in the show. For God’s sake, I’m wearing a “Presby – The Beat Goes On” t-shirt right now.

Seriously, ask Joe.

And who says I’ve gained weight? I still fit into a shirt from the 4th grade.

Back to the lecture at hand. My grandfather (a.k.a. Papa) had a heart transplant at UPMC Presbyterian when I was 9… or was it 10? My brain is mushy tonight.

(I had an asthma test there, so I’m not sweating anything either.)

The show looks pretty hokey and unrealistic from the commercial. I mean, some lady was meeting with a recipient and said, “Let me feel my daughter’s heart.” Preeeetttty sure you can’t know to whom your daughter’s heart went. Nor can you know from whom you received a heart. A little thing called medical privacy.

Still, it’s good that they are bringing attention to the importance of organ donation. I say, take everything you need from my body, even the butt if you need a little extra cushion.
Pittsburgh Skyline

Honestly, though, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in to see the show. No matter how much I miss the spires of PPG Place.


One thought on “Three Rivers?

  1. Please reconsider watching Three Rivers. They are re-shooting the pilot & the story & clips we’ve seen are much better. Alex O’Loughlin is an excellent actor and very easy on the eyes. He was a regular on The Shield as Kevin Hiatt in Season 6. He recently was a guest star on Criminal Minds and got rave reviews. He is co-starrig with Jennifer Lopez in her movie called The Back Up Plan…opens in Jan 2010.
    Alex is a very dedicated actor and took this role because of the subject matter…..organ donation. He is a believer and will give this character and this subject every thing he has…..please give him and Three Rivers a chance…watch at least 2 or 3 episode before you make a decision.

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