Misrepresentations to Whip Public into a Froth

Full discretion here: I hate the Heritage Foundation.

Their latest reeks of desperation. On barackobama.com, anyone can host an event to help organize grassroots campaigns to further the president’s issues.

Some yahoo (I have no idea who, since the Heritage Foundation gave no context to this… for obvious reasons) hosted an event and called right-wing health care protesters “domestic terrorists.”

Then, the Heritage Foundation represents this as an official correspondence (yeah, right). And The People Who Don’t Think (TM) become furious.

It takes 2 seconds of applying common sense to realize that Obama would never sanction, nor would his team sanction, public correspondence that was full of such vitriol. It would be political suicide. And the man is nothing if not a politician.

Another reason why ultra-right wing + mindlessness = scary times for the rest of us.