Reality TV & Kids: A Big No-No

This past Friday, it seemed like everyone was fixated on the “balloon boy,” the little boy who supposedly took off in his father’s giant weather balloon but was found hiding in the family’s attic. Come Sunday, and we find out the entire thing was a hoax perpetrated by a fame-hungry father, Richard Heene, who was hoping to use the incident as a springboard to their own reality show.

Did somebody say, “Ugh?”

The Heene family was already seen on one reality television series, the trashy Wife Swap, where Richard claimed to be descended from aliens and saw domestic chores as “women’s work.” His children were shown swearing, being rude, and flatulating on national TV. After the show was over, he even had them record a “music video” called (I kid you not) “Not Pussified.” I’ll give you a second to watch it, possibly through your fingers while cringing…

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2 thoughts on “Reality TV & Kids: A Big No-No

  1. Steve says:

    I couldnt stomach the entire video but I believe the highlight was when one of the kids is covered in simulated feces sitting over the toilet as Mr. Hankey from South Park. Top knotch parenting.

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