Creepy People on the Net

Look at what some psycho Gosselin stalker wrote to Momversation on Youtube:

Fuck you ugly ass hags! You best not talk about those kids or I will knock your head off your body ugly ass bitchy snobs.Your ugly pruny,old,creepy,slutty,and fake,go suck a dick.Haha you best not talk about them your pissing eevryone off.Go slut it up somewhere else.Faggy bitches.No one messes with me.I dont care if you talk about JON & Kate but the kids!??I love them oooh anyone knows me if you talk bad about aaden ooh you better be ready for your coffin.Ha

That’s, like, a verbatim quote.

Weird that one of my latest posts had to do with people taking things too seriously on the internet. This weirdo above wants to put someone in a “coffin” because she thinks that there are cuter kids than the Gosselins. Which there are. Have you seen my neph?


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