Earthquake Readiness? Not So Much

The earthquake in Haiti is freaking me out a little. Because I’m completely selfish and live in Los Angeles. Stupid Time Magazine isn’t helping either:

The geologic record indicates that huge quakes occur roughly every 150 years in the region — Los Angeles lies along the southern end of the San Andreas Fault — and the last big quake, which registered a magnitude 7.9, happened in 1857. Los Angeles has done a lot to beef up its building codes and emergency response in the 15 years since the Northridge quake and may be better prepared than any other major American city, but the city’s sheer size ensures the next Big One will be bloody.

We’ve done pretty much nothing to ensure that our apartment is earthquake-ready. This weekend, I better get my butt to the Do It Center (heh) and buy museum putty. And buy some water. Other than that, I pretty much have to just keep my fingers crossed.