Tila Tequila: Worst Person of 2010

People like Tila Tequila, who do anything just to be famous, sicken me. Fame is such an empty goal that these type of people appear incredibly narcissistic and shallow; in other words, people that I wouldn’t usually waste my time on.

However, with this Casey Johnson fiasco (Tequila’s and Johnson’s “engagement” was so ridiculously fake), I have become fascinated with Tila. She is such a disgusting human being, reading her blog and tweets is like watching one of those giant-pimple-popping YouTube videos. Since the heiress’s death, Tila has used Casey’s name to further her own fame: taking pics of herself “crying,” writing rambling posts against her supposed “enemies,” posting memorial videos of Ms. Johnson. Just check out some of these headlines, written in a National Enquirer style:

  • “Tila on Extra! Casey Is Not Resting in Peace!”
  • “Full Live Video of My Final Good-bye to Casey!”
  • “A Couple Truly in Love!”

Gross, right? Why doesn’t she write a true headline, like:
“Tila Using a Dead Girl to Be on TV!”