Laid Off: Tales from the Cubicle

The first time I was laid off was the week after 9/11. The company had been in a tailspin for almost the entire year I worked there, and I was a casualty of round three (or was it four?) of layoffs. When I got to work, I wasn’t able to log in (a “courteous” red flag), and apparently, my extension had been ringing off the hook all morning.

So, I was called in to the VP’s office to receive the news that I already knew was coming. They actually started out the conversation by asking me if I knew anyone who had been in the Twin Towers. Seriously. (Would I have kept my job if Aunt Sally jumped out a window on the 95th floor?) They then laid me off and blamed it on 9/11. Apparently, bin Laden had a thing against tech writers. And you all thought it had something to do with our support of royal families/Afghan-Russo war/Israel/etc.