Sensitivity Training: Tales from the Cubicle

I worked for this small, sad software company that wouldn’t spring to give me a phone but remodeled the CEO’s office so that it was bigger… Priorities! I worked as a jack-of-all-trades writer, so I came in contact with a lot of different people in the office. Two of the software engineers were from somewhere Eastern Europe-y, and I was to work with them on a project (can’t remember what; I’ve blocked much of the experience from my mind). But before I did, the CTO called me into an empty office to give me a heads up:

“So, Raoul and Rodrigo [fake names, duh] are from Europe. So, you might have trouble understanding them. There might be some smells…”

I cut him off, “I’ll be fine.”

What I really wanted to say? “YOU SMELL!”