Kate Gosselin, You Made Your Bed

Kate Gosselin’s brother, Kevin Kreider, testified today against his sister regarding the treatment of her 8 kids during the taping of Jon & Kate + 8. Apparently, having your entire childhood filmed 24-7 is “psychologically damaging.” Who woulda thunk?

For instance, Kreider claimed that the family faked Christmas in order to get a reaction shot for the cameras. Maybe that’s shocking for someone who’s never worked in television before, but that’s pretty standard, even for “reality” shows. The fact that these kids are purportedly not actors and did not choose to work on this reality TV gig, however, is what’s shocking… because, yeah, this faux Xmas probably did befuddle the wee ones. But Kreider’s testimony is superfluous, in my opinion; after all, there are plenty of instances where the Gosselin kids have been maltreated (remember the water incident?).

Kids should not be pawns in a parent’s fame game (KATE). (Though it happens all the time; I see examples of it every time I audition with children.) They should not be transformed into commodities. Their privacy should not be exchanged for dollars. But that’s what happened with these poor children. And for those who argue that this TV show was the best way for the Gosselins to support their brood, I say, why did Kate feel the need to submit to fertility treatments when she had two kids already?

Kate, you had enough children. You chose to make six more. I’m not crying in my coffee over your struggle. So write your books, and dance your heart out. You’ll need plenty of dough to cover your kids’ therapy bills.


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  1. Abby says:

    I don’t understand how JK+8 is different from sending the kids to work in a factory. Parents who did that, back in the day, also cited “the family needs money” as a justification. Sick!

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