Single But Can’t Mingle

My husband has been working like a dog all of August, taking only one day off so far this month.  And while I should just be a nice wifey and rub his feet, I’m finding the separation to be absolutely miserable.  I don’t *like* being alone; hello!  I didn’t get married so I could hang out by myself.  So, it’s dinner for one, wine for three (~Mrs. Krabapple).

But seriously, folks.  I’m spending time on busy work just to get through the day alone without pulling out my hair.  The cats sleep all day, so no help there (my landlord suddenly decided “no more dogs,” and after crying for a few hours, I resolved to make enough money to buy a house for my new pooch).  The most exciting thing in my life right now?  I put a sweet potato in a container of water and am now watching the sprouted plant grow.  Watch out, James St. James!

Someone rescue me.  Poor Chrissy been sniffling all weekend long!