New Shows, Boo Shows

This season, I Tivo’d and watched quite a few pilots.  Here are my picks and pans:

$#*! My Dad Says:  Does anyone under 70 still like shows with a laugh track?  In the case of this hackneyed sitcom, that was the only laughter of the night.  The show had none of the spirit or humor of the famous Twitter feed.  It was just plain awful. F

Outsourced:  Oh ho ho, Americans can’t understand those crazy Indians (Cows are sacred?  WHAT?!), and Indians can’t understand those super-awesome Americans.  The only time I laughed was when they showed the picture of the mistletoe belt… and I still feel a little dirty about that.  D

Raising Hope:  I don’t find shows inherently funny simply because they feature a white trash family.  What a waste of Martha Plimpton.  D

Running Wilde:  I actually laughed out loud several times during this show.  Potential, Thy Name is Will Arnett. B-

Boardwalk Empire:  Truthfully, the pilot was a tad slow, and I spent the lulls wishing I were watching a new episode of The Sopranos.  Can Steve Buscemi carry a show, or is he too squirrely?  And more importantly, will Michael Pitt marry me?  B