Dog Bites and Other Sucky Things

Dog bites have nearly doubled in the past 15 years.  Researchers might not know why, but I do.  I have first-hand experience, baby.  It’s because too many people have no idea how to discipline their pooches; they only know how to baby.  And I have the ruined property to back this up.

“Oh, that’s just Mandy.  Isn’t it funny how she digs through your stuff?  It’s probably because you have cats.”

Well, then by all means, allow your dog to continue damaging my things.

It gets worse when it comes to dog attacks because, of course, an injured human is much more serious than injured property.  And so many people excuse the bad behavior, strangely co-dependent with the dog (your dog is not you; it’s not even related to you.  Really.).

“My dog certainly doesn’t bite.  Well, she has bitten a stranger, but that’s because he was rollerblading, and she hates rollerblades.  Oh, and she bit the maid once.  But that doesn’t mean she bites.  She’s a good dog.”

Well, except when she sinks her teeth into some dude’s leg.

No one thinks a dog is cute when she destroys or injures.  Your dog might be your child, but to us, she’s a potentially dangerous animal.  You have to stop thinking she’s a stuffed plushie and start realizing she’s a creature that needs strong guidance… for her sake, yours, and the public’s.

People, take control of your animals.

(And seriously, if you want a kid, you should’ve had one.  Your dog is not your kid, ugh.)


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