All the Attached Ladies…

I’d like to give 85% of my friends under 35 a good shaking, an ice cream (or three), and some shampoo… to wash those men right out of their hair(s).

Why?  Because too many young women take a backseat in their relationships; they defer to their significant others on matters ranging from the banal to the momentous.  They are afraid to drive, and their fears of labels, of loss, of life lead to these milquetoast, stepping-on-eggshells relationships that are unfulfilled and, ultimately, dysfunctional.  Simply put, they lack power.

Ladies, you already have daddies.

Take charge.  Demand to be treated as an equal partner.  Be in control of your life and your direction.  Don’t put up with behaviors that you wouldn’t tolerate from a stranger.  And for God’s sake, don’t settle.

Enough is enough.  You don’t need anyone to take care of you.  At least, not in that way.