Rape Is Rape Is RAPE

Thank you to Representative Chris Smith and the House Republicans for, once again, distinguishing between “real” rape and all those instances where sex isn’t really rape but just regret from a slutty, slutty girl.  Welcome back, 1976!

Yes, the latest anti-choice garbage bill would limit abortions under Medicaid to “forcible” rape.  Drugged and raped?  Sorry, only sluts go to bars.  Say “No” to a date, but he doesn’t stop?  Maybe you shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt.  Go to dinner with Kobe Bryant?  Well, then you’re just asking for it.

Forcible rape.  Forcible rape.  Redundant much?

OK, so statutory rape might have the illusion of consent, so “force” might not come into play.  You got me, Republicans!  Can’t wait to see 13-year-olds have babies with their 28-year-old “boyfriends.”  Yay for the sanctity of life!

I’m so furious I can barely see, let alone write with my usual wit and thoughtfulness.  So, I simply implore you to write to this HORRIBLE TOOL WHO DISGUSTS ME TO MY VERY MARROW.

I mean, look at his stupid face.