American, Idle

The American culture is stagnating because a tiny percentage of its citizenry want to be demagogues, spoonfeeding b.s. economics wrapped up in moralistic stances like a dog’s pill needs to be rolled up in cheese to be palatable.  Buzzwords like “abortion” and “welfare mothers” and “death panels” frighten the uneducated, unquestioning masses into voting (passionately!) against their own interests.  Tax breaks for the rich?  Not in your interests.  Tax breaks for corporations?  Not in your interests.  Destruction of the public education system?  Not in your interests.  Ad infinitum.

I wish people would look through the propaganda news channels (Fox) and the catch phrases, the football-game mentality (us v. them) and the lies, and actually employ critical thinking about the issues.  The country is going down the tubes, and all people can do is wave miniature American flags.  You betcha.


One thought on “American, Idle

  1. Cris says:

    Why are you just calling out Fox? You forgot the rest of the propoganda news channels-cnn, msnbc, cnbc, the bbc, fox business, currentTV, HLN, and….and …

    Only thing that changes is who the “us” is and who the “them” is.

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