Casey Anthony, Narcissist. Psychopath. Lucky.

The verdict is in…

And it’s disappointing.  I haven’t been following the Casey Anthony case with a foaming mouth like so many have.  But I’ve been a fairly informed casual viewer. (How’s that for a contradiction?)   And I can’t help but smile at how happy Casey will be as she wins her next “Hot Body” contest.  Ick.

The disappointment of the decision stems from this:  no sane, innocent mother would go bar hopping and faux lesbian kissing if her child were missing or recently drowned in the pool.  Just… bottom line.  The fact that a jury would give her the benefit of the doubt makes my skin crawl.

The other thing that makes my skin crawl?  All the people who state this isn’t “news.”  We get it.  There are more important things in the world.  But it’s ratings, man.  It’s ratings.  Hey, maybe she’ll end up on Celebrity Rehab.  Fingers crossed!