Dr. Drew, Hypocritical Oath?

I love Celebrity Rehab as much as the next gal (Amy Fisher is on it, you guys!).  But I have two major problems with Dr-du-Jour Drew Pinsky.  One.  He’s hypocritical.  Two.  He dabbles in practices that have been disproven… and can actually be dangerous.

His hypocrisy is obvious.  He preaches about celebrity narcissism whilst dabbling in it himself.  And he exploits the very people he is claiming to help, namely addicts.  Those two facts alone would make one dislike him with just cause.  It’s some of that which he espouses that concerns me more.

Dr. Drew Pinsky has no degree in psychology but dispenses mental health advice on television.  A medical doctor, of course, can dispense some mental health diagnoses, but for patients with severe mental illnesses (such as chronic drug addiction), they will refer a patient to someone with psychology expertise.  Dr. Drew Pinsky does call himself an addiction specialist (not sure what makes a person one), but he will often weigh in on other mental health issues on shows such as Celebrity Rehab.  He’s also often the go-to mental health guy on talk shows and news programs.

But some of what he’s used as therapy, or has accepted as truth, is just plain wrong.  For instance, he had his patients go through anger therapy in which they screamed and shot paint balls.  That type of anger management, however, has been shown to just make anger worse.  And he gave credence to poor Jeff Conaway’s assertion that he has been molested and part of a child-porn ring when he was young… a memory he recovered through memory regression therapy, which has been proven to be bunk.  Yeah, I said bunk.

I don’t think Drew should be looked upon as some sort of medical guru when clearly he is now more interested in creating and starring in drama-filled reality television shows.  He might have started out his public ventures with good intentions, but he has succumbed to his own addiction: adulation.